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Mom's Choice Awards - Distinguished Honoree
Simon With Two Left Fee by Angela K. Narth - Illustrated by Heidi Vincent
"Simon" Book & DVD Wins Silver in 2009 Mom's Choice Awards!

Fun and inspring children's book themes!

Can we help save our environment?
Discover how a brownie's tears and a magical spider bring the natural world back into balance in The Brownie and The Wishing Spider.

Dandelions have dreams too!
These golden wild flowers are seen by most as nothing but nasty weeds. Meet Suzi Dandelion in A Dandelion's Dream Come True. As she lives her dream of blooming in the emperor's garden, you will never want to pull another weed again!

Do crocodiles REALLY fly?
Kelly crocodile longs to fly so she asks her forest friends for help. This award-winning adventure shows how we all have our unique special gifts.
You must read How Do Crocodiles Fly?

A ladybug has an idea for world peace!
Little Adalia Ladybug cleverly proves to all the angry beetle colonies that they are really all alike on the inside. The Very Last Ladybug War.
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Believe in yourself!
Do you measure your value by how others see you? Simon Goose and Fergus rise above bullying and teasing in two delightful stories by Angela K. Narth, Simon With Two Left Feet and Fergus, Prince of Frogs.

Delighting Kids of All Ages Children's Books that make a difference!  ... inspiring the child in all of us to follow our dreams, care for others, believe in ourselves and, live life to its fullest!  Sera Books Order Now:  Kids Books, Books and DVDs, Gifts
King and Fergus: Come on In, visit our pages and find out why our books are so popular with kids and parents alike ..

Celebrating 13 Years of Extraordinary Books!   

Kids of all ages love our fables ... from 1 to 101 years!

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